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Legacy Award

The George Chiala Memorial Legacy Award was created to honor individuals who have gone above and beyond in supporting the St. Catherine’s Annual Sweepstakes. As George did when he answered the call of duty 37 years ago, individual names placed on the plaque represent the desire and determination to keep our Church and School communities thriving, growing and empathetic.

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 8.54.33 AM.png

Those enshrined herein have been supportive of this important fundraising cause year in and out for the long haul. They are beacons to those who follow and have provided the leadership to ensure that the annual sweepstakes remains a vibrant ministry supporting so many other ministries in our parish and school community. 
Past Recipients:

George Chiala 
Ken Ravizza
Mike Smith
Tim Mende
Bob Nunes
Kevin O’Keefe
Jose Montemayor
Mike O’Rourke

Michelle Griffin

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